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Previewing the 2011 NCAA Slam Dunk Contest

If you've frequented this site before, then you know that we have an affinity for anything and everything above-the-rim. The culmination of a season's worth of hard work takes place in Houston this weekend. For four teams, that means a chance at being crowned 2011 NCAA National Champions. But for eight seniors, it will mean being crowned the 2011 NCAA Slam Dunk Champion.

Since we are the leaders in collegiate dunking knowledge and information, we consider ourselves the perfect candidates to preview the contenders as well as explain the flaws in this contest and detail what our perfect Dunk Contest would look like.

So after the jump, get all in info on the 2011 NCAA Slam Dunk Contest

Meet the Field

The Fan-Favorite: Jacob Tucker, Illinois College (D-III)

You don't have to be a fan of college hoops to know who this kid is. The 5-foot-11 guard with a 51-inch vertical became a YouTube sensation last month, when a mixtape of his dunks went viral. He petitioned to be in the contest and after some marketing and promotional tactics on behalf of the contest organizers, Tucker landed himself a spot in the field.

Like any undersized guard in a dunk contest, the fans and judges will obviously lean in his favor. But with a 51-inch vertical, he may not need any help in wining the contest and making history.

The Masked Dunker: John Williams, UNC-Asheville

B.I.A.H's favorite dunker, John Williams aka @JumpinJohnny21 aka "The Masked Dunker" is not only college basketball's first superhero, he's also the game's best leaper. The 6-foot-4 forward is the Big South leader in blocks, as evidence by a rejection he had in the Big South tournament finals in which he grabbed a shot out of the air.

But Williams isn't just a cult hero. He's a damn-good dunker too, maybe even the best. Nobody can jump higher than him off of two feet, and his creativity is unrivaled. If there is any reason to watch the dunk contest this year, it's "The Masked Dunker".

Mr. 360: Justin Tubbs, East Tennessee State

Unless you are an avid fan of, the chances that you saw Tubbs play this season are not great. The Atlantic-Sun's resident high-flyer is the foremost expert in 360-jams, having thrown down two this season.

The 6-foot-3 guard can get up in a hurry, will more than likely pull out the 360-jam at least once. After all, his trademark dunk has gotten him on SportsCenter's Top Plays twice this season. Look for him to spin like Shaun White in a super-pipe contest.

The Physical Specimen: Will Coleman, Memphis

Will Coleman is chiseled like a bodybuilder. He has the biceps of a professional wrestler. He is the type of guy who I would not want to draw a charge against. But this physical specimen isn't just strong. he can dunk too.

Coleman's combination of power and grace make him one of the more formidable challengers in this year's contest. He's a true showman who can excite the crowd but also tear the backboard down.

The Fire-Starter : Justin Burrell, St. Johns

Burrell is a 6-foot-8 power forward with go-go gadget reach and long limbs. Burrell is the perfect candidate for "Duck Contest dark-horse". There was a reason he was named Big East "Sixth Man of the Year": He can ignite the crowd with one play. He can get up in a hurry and can throw down just as quickly. While there may not be a lot of video evidence of his dunking prowess, trust B.I.A.H when we say Burrell is a force to be reckoned with. We have seen him dunk in-person, and the guy is scary-good.

The Garbage Man: Darnell Wilks, Cincinnati

There aren't many guys who cleanup the offensive glass as well as Wilks. His resume is as robust as any of the entrants, and while his creativity may not be overwhelming, he has the tools to get the job done. We would not be surprised at all if Wilks ended up winning the whole thing.

Mr. Everything: Gilbert Brown, Pittsburgh

Now, while we haven't seen alot of tape of Brown from this season, we must remember that all the contestants are seniors, and this experience is a reward for four years of hard work. Brown has certainly thrown down numerous dunk during his tenure at Pitt, none more evident than last year's "Poster of the year" candidate dunk against Cincinnati. But Brown isn't just a dunker. He is a solid defense stopper, and played a large role on the offense for Pitt the season. he is certainly capable of doing anything and everything.

The Enigma: Billy White, San Diego State

Billy White was a key cog on SDSU's dominant front-court this season, which was one of the nation's best. He is a lean power forward with long limbs and a bunch of athletic talent. White has thrown down a huge dunk on more than one occasion . However, White also does have a documented unPOSTERIZATION on his resume, so we can never be too sure what he is capable of.

The Fantasy Slam Dunk Contest

The one flaw the Dunk Contest has is that they only allow seniors to compete. This is more than understandable, as it is a privilege to be able to participate at Final Four weekend, and seniors have put in four years of hard work. But that being said, not all of the best dunkers in the country are seniors. In fact, this year, the majority of the country's elite rim-rockers are underclassmen. In order to crown "The Best Dunker in the Country" the field needs to be made up of the absolute best there is, and while this field is good, it's not great.

Allow us to provide the entrants to the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest if class year was not an issue. We are certain that this field would feature the best and most elite dunkers in the college game today.

Keion Bell, Pepperdine (Jr.)
Kyle Kuric, Louisville (Jr.)
Travis Leslie, Georgia (Jr.)
Tony Mitchell, Alabama (Soph.)
Shay Shine, High Point (Jr.)
Derrick Williams, Arizona (Soph.)
John Williams, UNC-Asheville (Sr.)
Rodney Williams, Minnesota (Soph.)

But nonetheless, the 2011 NCAA Slam Dunk Contest is going to feature some of the best dunkers in the country, and is an event that any dunk-enthusiast should not want to miss.

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