Wednesday, March 30, 2011

POSTERIZED Awards: "Best Poster-Dunk of the Year"

B.I.A.H has spent the whole season documenting the best dunks, posters, jim-jammers, gym-rockers, tip-dunks and alley-oops. With the Final-Four upon us, it is time to decide what dunks were the best of the best.

Over the course of the week, we will announce the finalists for each category, and you, the viewers, will be given a chance to vote for the winner using the interactive poll at the bottom of each post. We will also have a panel of experts vote, and the dunk with the most overall votes from judges and viewers will be declared the winner.

It's time to determine which poster-worthy dunk should be named B.I.A.H POSTERIZED "Poster-Dunk of the Year"

The Other Categories

Best Two-footed Dunk
Best P-b-P Call
Best 'Chestnuts' Dunk
Best Highlight-Reel Dunk
Best Tip-Dunk
Best Alley-oop
Dunker of the Year
Dunk of the Year

A poster-dunk is the ultimate display of hardwood embarassment.

We have compiled more than ten of the best poster-dunks from this seasond for you to decide on. Watch the videos and make your choice at the bottom of the page. We are counting on you to provide poster-worthy judgement. After all, this is what we pride ourselves on. We wouldn't have called this POSTERIZED if we didn't take true poster-dunks seriously.

Here are the nominees for the B.I.A.H POSTERIZED award for "Best Poster-Dunk of the Year":

Markel Brown, Oklahoma State

Miles Cartwright, Penn

Jamelle Horne, Arizona

Joe Jackson, Memphis

Brady Jardine, Utah State

Marcus Jordan, UCF

Tim Johnson, Wofford

Travis McKie, Wake Forest

Anthony Nelson, Niagara

LaMarcus Reed, UT-Arlington

Will Sheehey, Indiana

Shay Shine, High Point

DJ Stephens, Memphis

John Williams, UNC-Asheville

Rodney Williams, Minnesota

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