Tuesday, March 29, 2011

POSTERIZED Awards: "Best Alley-oop of the Year"

B.I.A.H has spent the whole season documenting the best dunks, posters, gym-jammers, rim-rockers, tip-dunks and alley-oops. With the Final-Four upon us, it is time to decide what dunks were the best of the best.

Over the course of the week, we will announce the finalists for each category, and you, the viewers, will be given a chance to vote for the winner using the interactive poll at the bottom of each post. We will also have a panel of experts vote, and the dunk with the most overall votes from judges and viewers will be declared the winner.

The 2010-2011 B.I.A.H POSTERIZED Awards continue with the "Best Alley-oop of the Year"

The Other Categories

Best Two-footed Dunk
Best P-b-P Call
Best 'Chestnuts' Dunk
Best Highlight-Reel Dunk
Best Tip-Dunk
Best Poster-Dunk
Dunker of the Year
Dunk of the Year

There is no "I" in "team", and likewise, there is no "I" in "alley-oop". Selflessness and teamwork and timing are needed to pull this dunk off. When executed properly, an alley-oop can be the ultimate showstopper. Alley-oops come in all shapes and sizes: lob passes, full-court heaves and fast-break exclamation points.

Here are the nominees for "Best Alley-oop of the Year":

Laurence Bowers, Missouri

Kenny Gabriel, Auburn

Tony Mitchell, Alabama

Terrence Ross, Washington

Jeffery Taylor, Vanderbilt

Derrick Williams, Arizona


Troy Sowden said...

Terrence Ross's dunk was nasty, but it was a put back of Amaning's airball, not an alley oop.

Ross will be on a couple of these lists next year. Kid has sick rise.

Troy Machir said...

Thank you for the response.

I debated for awhile about this dunk.

If MBA's shot had hit the rim, it would have made this dunk qualify as a "Tip-jam" but since it never did, it must be categorized as an "alley-oop".

Well, an unintentional "alley-oop", but an "alley-oop" nonetheless

Yeah, the kid can soar. Next year should be intersting.