Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Perry Jones suspended, NCAA violations? Shouldn't be surprising

Update: From Jeff Goodman's blog, Jones was declared ineligible for pre-enrollment amateurism violation and preferential treatment involving three, 15-day loans between his mother and an AAU coach while he was in high school. Jones also apparently had a trip to San Diego to see a preseason football game paid for by that AAU coach.

According to Mark Viera of the New York Times, the three loans totaled less than $1,000.

According to numerous reports, Baylor freshman Perry Jones has been suspended for tonight's game against Oklahoma, and possibly longer.

A TV station in Dallas is reporting -- and Jason King is confirming -- that the suspension could be the result of Jones receiving impermissible benefits. According to King, Jones will be suspended for the rest of the season. It may not make much of a difference, as the Bears are currently sitting on the wrong side of the bubble and Jones had a foot out the door all season.

If you following college hoops at all, this shouldn't surprise you.

Baylor, somehow, has managed to turn themselves into a behemoth in the recruiting world, competing with the Kentucky's and the Louisville's and the Duke's of the world for the country's top prospects. Perry Jones was arguably the top big man in the class of 2010. Isaiah Austin, a top five recruit in the class of 2012, is currently committed to the Bears. They also earned a commitment from Quincy Miller, who is a top five talent in the class of 2011.

All this coming from a program that, seven years ago, dealt with a coach trying to cover up facts in a murder of one of his players by another one of his players. Baylor wasn't even on the map when Scott Drew took the program over.

Keep in mind the Bear's recruitment of John Wall. If you remember, Baylor hired Dwon Clifton, one of Wall's AAU coaches, back in June of 2008 to a newly created position, a ploy only a fool would believe wasn't an attempt to bring Wall to Waco. I say only a fool would believe it because Clifton has since left Baylor.

To become an adviser for the now professional John Wall.

Since Clifton's hiring, the NCAA has changed their rule on package deals like this.

Back in October, Baylor was investigated for text message violations regarding Indiana commit Hanner Parea, and there were reports earlier this year that Baylor was pursuing an 11 year old.

I am sure of one thing -- there won't be many coaches in the Big 12 upset over Drew getting getting caught.


dauster = douche said...

Wow, that was quite a hit piece Dauster. Also, very unoriginal and poorly researched. Allow me to retort:

1) Quincy Miller already signed an LOI to attend Baylor. Although you have since amended the article, someone who claims to be an "expert" on college hoops should know this before he goes to press.

2) What does Baylor "not being on the map" when Scott Drew took over have to do with anything? Programs rise and programs fall. The average 18 year old kid doesn't care who was good 25 years ago, or even 10 years ago. The elite prospects want to go where they can make it to the NBA. Baylor has proven you can do that there. Good coaches make the difference.

3) The John Wall angle is tired. Yes, Baylor hired Dwon Clifton. Baylor also didn't land Wall. If there was truly something shady going on behind the scenes, wouldn't Wall have come to Baylor? Also, you neglected to mention that Baylor was far from the only program to hire AAU coaches to their staff (Kansas and Texas A&M are among the many to do so recently), so let's not act like Baylor was alone in this, or that the NCAA made the rule because of the Clifton hiring. Not to mention that Clifton was qualified to serve in the position that he did - Quality Control Director - and that it wasn't illegal to hire him.

4) The text messaging saga has yet to play out, but really? You think a college coach would be so bold as to say that he will deport a kid? There are extenuating circumstances, not the one text that was fed to the media. Morefield is a college assistant, not ICE. Use your head, man.

I can go on, but clearly, I would be wasting my time on a "journalist" of your caliber. Feel free to sit back and continue to write these pieces in the desperate hope that someone will click on your blog. Your research skills are clearly lacking and your biased slant is undeniable.

Lack of Research said...

Your knowledge of the sport you report on is seriously terrible. How do you get to post on CBSSports with this crap.

Texas, Kansas, etc. implored the same hiring tactics before Baylor hired Dwon Clifton. One of which gave Kansas Mario Chalmers. His dad was hired as Director of BBall Operations for KU to lock in his son. There is numerous stories such as this from lots of the big time programs.

QMiller has signed with Baylor. I know it's hard to believe you missed signing day for the sport you cover. And if you would have dug deeper you would notice that the Clifton connection would be more relevent there since QMil plays for D1 Sports, along with current Baylor player Stargell Love and future Baylor player Duece Bello. Why talk about someone Baylor ended up not getting when they got three other players instead?

Baylor's improved recruiting could be a result of, before being terrible this year, winning games. Elite 8 and having a top 10 pick in the NBA draft last year should help, shouldn't it?

AT LEAST attempt to be somewhat of a reporter when writing this crap.

Rob Dauster said...

Fellas, relax. I'm sorry I couldn't write you a 2,000 word post on Baylor. I wrote the post from MSG during the Rutgers-St. John's second half. Yes, I know about Dwon Clifton's connection to Miller, Love, and D-one Sports. And yes, I knew Miller was committed. I apologize for the typo.

See here:

Seriously?? said...

Your response is you because you wrote it during a game and didn't have time to elaborate, that it makes the hit piece justified? That's the equivalent of saying, "Well, I didn't have time to execute him with two to the chest, one to the head, so I did a drive-by instead."

You clearly ignored the facts that would make your post less inflammatory and highlighted the shreds of evidence that would. Hit pieces are hit pieces, regardless of how long you had to write them.

Jamie said...

Update: The facts of this case make your entire blog post null and void. The case had nothing to do with anything Scott Drew did, said, or even thought, and everything to do with the NCAA's hypocrisy. But don't worry Rob, you got to take your potshots.

I hope in the future you'll let some of the facts get in the way of your bias and not rely of hearsay and slander so heavily. I'm amazed you have a job, but I'm sure you're just thrilled that someone, anyone is reading your joke of a blog, so what do you care if people get hurt along the way?

Anonymous said...

What a bogus, irresponsible article. You make numerous false suggestions.

First and foremost -- your closing line -- "there won't be many coaches in the Big 12 upset over Drew getting getting caught."

Getting caught at what, exactly?

You make it sound like Scott Drew just got nailed for giving impermissible benefits to Perry Jones. You must be very ignorant to suggest such a thing. The NCAA has already acknowledged that Scott Drew did not do anything wrong here.

You talk about the hiring of Dwon Clifton as if that was some sort of rules violation. It was not. It was PERFECTLY legal. You conveniently left that part out. Or perhaps you are just ignorant of NCAA rules to begin with.

Furthermore, where is your outcry over other colleges which hired people who are/were connected to recruits? Going down the list, to name just a few -- Kansas State, Texas A&M, Kansas, Memphis, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisville, Providence, etc.

Instead of writing false, inflammatory things like you did here you should spend some time learning the NCAA rulebook.

Anonymous said...

My question is: why is everybody getting so upset about this post?

It's not like this is the first time a writer/reporter/blogger has jumped on a story as soon as it was released.

Is it a great post? ehh not really.

But why is everybody slinging hot-fire.

When did anonymous posters become the voices of reason.

Anonymous said...

We are still waiting on this genius Dauster to tell us what Scott Drew got "caught" doing.

Jamie said...

Anonymous posters became the voice of reason when the internet began allowing hacks like Dauster to start blogs and pontificate on things which they have no clue about. As soon as the internet begins regulating who gets to spew mindless drivel and who is restricted, the role of the anonymous poster will be diminished.

Anonymous said...

Scott Drew is a known-scumbag. Anybody remember about the text messages he sent to Hanner Perea?

I have no idea why commeters are jumping on this article so bad.