Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Morning Dump

It's officially tournament time. You can expect a heavy dose of first round break-downs, lists, previews and pretty much anything regarding the tournament.

- A quick-and-easy profile breakdown on the tournament teams: Snubs, darkhorses, overrated teams, underrated teams, teams with easy paths, and teams that were given no favors

- The word out of Vegas is that the Buckeyes are the early favorites to win the Big Dance

- The tournament has a couple of new features: three more teams, four channels of coverage, and 11 teams from one conference. But other than that, it's still the same old March Madness

- Nic Fasulo, Beyond the Arc's newest addition (apparently I was one of "the first four out") provides a list of the ten most-intriguing first round games

- Chris Chase previews the loaded East region

- Jeff Brozello ranks the tournament teams 1-68

- A full television schedule for all the first round games, including broadcasting teams

- Virginia Tech was really the only "true snub" of the tournament, but that doesn't mean it's the only thing the committee screwed up on

- Mediocre results and scandal rumors have cost John Pelfrey his job at Arkansas

- The N.I.T brackets have been set, Colorado and Virginia Tech grab No. 1-seeds

- Advancement probabillities for all you stat-junkies

- The Big East got 11 teams in the tournament as expected. but now the pressure is on the teams to perform on the big stage

- During the upcoming summer, the Big Ten will debate and decide new locations for three championships

- Georgetown's Chris Wright has been cleared to play in the NCAA tournament

- After sitting out the entire Pac-10 tournament due to suspension, Washington's Venoy Overton will return for March Madness

- Syracuse's Fab Melo was expected to be the best newcomer in the Big East. The Brazilian big-man floundered for most of the season, but has tempered expectations with his improved play in the Big East tournament

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