Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning Dump

A Warning to all you avid followers of the morning dump: Due to Championship Week and all that it recquires of B.I.A.H (namely, the Big East tournament), we will be featuring a low-calorie version of the morning dump with no trans fat or HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) for the next five days.

- Andy Glockner provides your final BubbleWatch of the season and tells power conference teams to cross their fingers

- Pat Forde compiles a list of all the upsets that have happened thus far

- Luke Winn details the four lessons we should have learned from the first weekend in March

- Dana O'Neil provides a list of the winners and losers from the final weekend of the regular season

- Mike DeCourcy looks ahead to the big week of conference tournaments

- David Steele of Yahoo Sports wrote a great article about what the NCAA should do in the wake of the Brandon Davies situation at BYU

- Jason Lisk provides a shortlist of potential candidates for the NC-State head coaching gig once they fire Sidney Lowe

- Jeff Goodman provides a list of ten things you should take away from the Saturday games

Jeff Brozello breaks down all the action regarding bubble teams

- Virginia Commonwealth used some "lockerboard material" to get mentally prepared for their semifinal game agaisnt George Mason, and it worked. Speaking of VCU, bubble teams should be aware of the Rams potential for bid-theivery

- A solid round table discussion with Pac-10 beat reporters who preview the Pac-10 tournament

- Georgia Tech students are unsatisfied with the product being put in front of them, and the attendance numbers show

- Rumors swirled last week about Tubby Smith's future as head coach at Minnesota. This week it seems like he isn't going anywhere

- Brett Dawson breaks down the potential candidates for SEC Player of the Year

- If you aren't into stats, scores and brackets, you might want to follow this graphic

- Ben Howland kissed a dude and he liked it (Isn't that how the song goes?)

- Every coach in the country wishes they could end their careers like this. (Trust me, this is a must-read)

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