Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Morning Dump

Day 1 of March Madness is in the books. Hopefully these links can get you ready for Day 2

Things you may have missed: Brandon Kngiht's game-winner against Princeton. Juan Fernandez's game-winner against Penn State. Demonte Harper's game-winner against Louisville. Matt Howard's game-winner against Old Dominion. A breakdown of the end-of-game-braodcast calls. For the third year in a row, Vanderbilt lost to a mid-major in the first round. If Marquise Carter can continue to raise his level of play, Gonzaga will be a dangerous team. Draymond Green is going to miss Kalin Lucas. A full recap of day one

- Could we see as many upsets this afternoon as we did yesterday? Mike DeCourcy previews some of the possible-upsets

- Chip Patterson wonders if Tennessee's off-court distractions could affect the on-court performance

- According to Matt Norlander, BYU's Noah Hartsock predicted Justin Harper's game-winning shot for Richmond

- Jay Bilas offers up his opinion on how to change the NCAA selection process

- An updated schedule for the third round games on Saturday

- Images from day one of March Madness

- This is what March Madness On Demand looks like on the other side

- After UConn's blowout win over Bucknell, Shabazz Napier worked on his journalism skills by interviewing Alex Oriakhi

- The NCAA reinstatement committee upheld it's decision to suspend Baylor's Perry Jones for five games next season if he returns to school

- Fresno State's Greg Smith has declared for the draft and will skip the "testing the waters" process

- Georgetown's Chris Wright practiced today without the protection of his cast, and even handled the ball predominantly with his left hand

- If you are free on Tuesday, March 29th, you might want to check this out

- Lost Letterman provides another great-read on a set of jerseys that we are all happy don't exist anymore

- U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said he would like to see schools that aren't on track to graduate at least half of their their team should be kept out of the NCAA Tournament. Syracuse Jim Boehiem believes Duncan's idea is "completely nuts"

- Recent history suggest that being a number-one seed is more of a benefit than it is a burden

- Oh look, another all-name team for March Madness (Did I not get the memo)

- A solid list of the fans in the sports world

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