Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Morning Dump

The Valley has become a three team race, but will it yield two bids? Florida wins thanks to a clutch shot and a little bit of luck. Breaking down the Texas defense using pictures and such. Whoa, I actually had a winning night!

- The rivalry between UCLA and USC doesn't need help fueling the fire. But when three UCLA players date USC students, well, you just know things are going to get heated

- Draft Express put together an exhaustive, extensive scouting report on Jimmer. If you have 15 minutes to spare, read it. Its worth it.

- We don't want to do a post on this, and we don't really want to comment about it either because at this point it is just a rumor. But since its out there, and its being discussed, we figured we may as well let you know about it.

- Luke Winn has selected eight teams, and of these eight teams, one of them will become the national champions, and he is sure of it. Notable teams missing -- Kansas, UConn, Pitt, SDSU. Ballsy, Luke. Ballsy.

- Kentucky lost another close game, thanks to a big Chris Warren 3-pointer. Matt Jones explains that due to the 'Cats lack of late-game prowess, this team might not be ready for a late-March push

- Jeff Eisenberg is scratching his head (like the rest of us) at the physics-defying rims in the Big-12

- Matt Norlander takes a head-to-head approach when dealing with tournament projections: Is Georgetown more qualified for a 2-seed than SDSU? Who is more worthy: UCLA or Missouri State? Norlander also makes a fantastic point about BracketBusters: You won't find Butler or Gonzaga on the schedule

- Jeff Goodman had a chance to sit down and talk with Kansas' Thomas Robinson. This is kinda-must-read

- Eric Angevine regales us on the days when Jimmer Fredette and Talor Battle wore the same AAU jerseys. He also explains why things out in the great northwest are not as normal as they usually are

- Raphielle Johnson warns us not to ignore Duquesne because it may come back to haunt us come tournament time

- Mike DeCourcy provides an interesting quote from Auburn head coach Tony Barbee

- Finally somebody decided to write an article about the dissat-rophes of a season that both Michigan State and Kansas State are having

- Indiana loses another starter to injury. This time it's Christian Watford, who will be out indefinitely with a broken hand. With an injury-plagued team, Tom Crean has asked for fan support to help his team stay strong

- I'm not sure how Tony Barbee would know this, but he's claiming the NBA will do away with the one-and-done rule. I disagree.

- Ricky Ledo, the 11th-rated prep player in the 2012 class, has backed off his committment to Providence. Ledo, a six-foot-five guard who is at his fourth high school orignially committed to Providence back in December, but has decided to open up his recruitment

- Tu Holloway is the guy that everybody talks about for Xavier, but big-man Kenny Frease is starting to earn some praise and some respect

- I missed this in the dump yesterday but is some must-read stuff. Rush The Court fills us in on what they loved and what they hated from this past weekend

- Another article I failed to noticed a couple days back, but is still worth the read: The success of JimmerJam2011 is big on his friends, family and Glen Falls, NY

- Speaking of JimmerJam2011, Lost Letterman did a fantastic-piece on T.J. Fredette, the budding hip-hop artist who is behind the soundtrack to JimmerJam2011

- More BracketBusters-related posts: The top-10 must-watch games. Oakland head coach Greg Kampe regrets not scheduling a BracketBusters game

- A weekend recap of MAC basketball action, with emphasis on the lack of talent in the Western Division

- Lost Letterman responds to some viewer feedback regarding their list of the top-ten best recruiters in the country

- A day-in-the-life of a Wazzu fan

- There is a rumor going around the interwebs that Wally Judge, formerly of Kansas State, will transfer to Maryland

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