Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't mess with The Jimmer

I saw the letter to the editor last night.

I saw it was written by Michelle Peralta. I googled Michelle Peralta. I searched for her on facebook (to no avail, damn you privacy settings). I even found another angry letter she wrote to the Universe, BYU's student run paper.

It only made sense that once BYU students came across the letter, they would unleash on poor Michelle Peralta. You see, she made the mistake of posting her thoughts on facebook, and once the folks over at CougarBoard.com figured out who she was, it was all over for her facebook page.

Take a peak at the comment section of her post. The best part about it? It may be some 700-800 comments long, but its not vulgar. Its not full of hate. Its not threatening. Its good-natured, friendly ribbing full of references to Chuck Norris quotes, the most interesting man in the world commercials, and Mormon scripture that I don't quite understand.

But most of all, its hilarious. JimmerPOY.com pulled some of the best.

And it gets better. The BYU student section offered Michelle and her husband Oswaldo free season passes to the BYU basketball games:

Goddamn, I love the internet.

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