Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vernon Macklin waves a terrible towel

We've all been ball-tapped before.

It sucks.

There's no way around it. That first 90 seconds after getting hit in the pills is some of the worst pain anybody can ever feel. As soon as the pain subsides, usually you look directly for the attacker and try to return the favor.

Chandler Parsons was put in a lose-lose situation on Tuesday night.

You see, Parsons hit a clutch three-pointer in double-OT of Florida's win at Georgia, but was then slapped in the balls by an errant Vernon Macklin towel swing. But becuase Vernon is on his team, and was on the bench, Parsons could not return the favor. You know what, just watch the video, because something like this is hard to put into words.

Is that how you reward a teammate for hitting a clutch shot?

I wonder how hard Chandler Parsons ball-tapped Macklin when they got to the locker room?

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