Thursday, December 30, 2010

Xavier will be frying themselves up some Gator against Florida on Friday

In college hoops -- and sports in general -- when you have a big game on your schedule, you hope and expect fans to come up with something original and creative to try and create a home court advantage.

When LeBron James made his first visit back to Cleveland, the Cavs were forced to beef up security because of the outcry they expected from the fans. Maryland fans, if you remember, ran Operation Scheyerface, where they would print out massive pictures of one of Jon Scheyer's reknowned facial expressions, every time Duke visited College Park.

But this?

This is awesome on a whole different level.

On Friday, Florida will be visiting the Cintas Center in Cincinnati to take on Xavier. The Cintas Center concessions stands will have a special meal available during the game for the occasion -- fried gator.

Seriously. Here's a picture:

This is so awesome, and totally worth the $10 it would cost to get four "wings" (although, I'm not exactly sure how you get wings off of a gator).

To all the home courts across the country, the bar has officially been set.

(h/t RTC via John Clay)

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