Thursday, December 30, 2010

Xavier loses another player

Xavier caught a couple of breaks during the Christmas holiday.

Specifically, Mark Lyons and Tu Holloway, who were both stranded in their native New York by a massive blizzard that blanketed the region and made travel near impossible, were able to make it back to Cincinnati in time for their Tuesday night game against Albany.

But Xavier also caught a bad break this week.

Freshman Jay Canty, a 6'6" wing that was playing 9.5 mpg, will be out at least a month with a broken right foot. He joins Brad Redford (torn acl) and Justin Martin (ineligible) as Musketeers that are unable to play.

The leaves X with just nine healthy scholarship players. Essentially, their back court only goes three deep, with Lyons, Holloway, and Dante Jackson being the only guards in what is now a seven-man Xavier rotation. To make matters worse, those three are generally on the court at the same time, meaning Xavier will not have a scholarship player to back up anyone on the perimeter.

That's scary.

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