Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Morning Dump

- Andy Glockner was a busy man yesterday. Here, he predicts the future of college hoops, at least for 2011. Glockner also explains how Harvard is getting into a position to win it's first Ivy League title since 1946

- John Shurna practiced today. He's hoping to play on Friday.

- Eamonn's rant about an email from a Kentucky fan is awesome.

- Two good reads from the WWL: Diamond Leung on Chris Fouch and Dana O'Neil on John Flowers.

- Crazy story about a high school team from Chicago. Three funerals in a week, makes coach download CPR iPhone app, saves a kid's life the next day.

- If you weren't already hyped for the Louisville/Kentucky tilt on New Year's Eve, then you'll be happy to know that Gus Johnson will be calling the action. Get hyped.

- Didn't have the time to do a post on this today, but Rick Pitino took advantage of the opportunity to explain why he is taking the gig as the head coach of the Puerto Rican national team while also throwing in a jab at Jeff Goodman.

- Speaking of Pitino, he made it seem as if Jared Swopshire is out for the season.

- An interesting-read on former Tulsa-star Herb Johnson. The 48-year-old is still playing professional basketball. Eat that Brett Favre

- Also worth the read is LostLetterman's top ten players you won't believe are still playing.

- Mark Lyons wasn't the only Xavier guard that had his travel plans get ruined by the blizzard in the Northeast. Tu Holloway had a tough trip back to Cincinnati as well.

- Not sure I agree with everything in this Andy Katz article about teams that will rise or fall on the shoulders of one player, but its a good read nonetheless.

- No rule-change has been as scrutinized as the limited-elbow rule. Syracuse's Rick Jackson was involved in an incident with Providence's Vincent Council last night

- Terrific read from Adam Zagoria on the state of Rutgers hoops.

- Despite the graduation of Ali Farokhmanesh, Northern Iowa, led by Lucas O'Rear, is looking to recapture the magic

- Iowa State guard to transfer

- Well, this would suck. Worst renovation ever?

- And your one non-hoops-related link of the day: The top-24 knockouts of the year

I totally could handle a ball like that when I was 12

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