Monday, November 1, 2010

Ashton Kutcher's recruiting violation

Easily, the best piece of news to come out of this weekend came from Iowa, where the Hawkeyes program is potentially in a bit of trouble.

For recruiting violations.

Involving Ashton Kutcher. And Demi Moore.


You see, the University of Iowa brought in Kutcher and Moore to the Iowa-Iowa State football game back in September to help with some fundraising activities. This made the celebrity couple a representative of Iowa's athletic interests. Fran McCaffery also had some recruits on campus that weekend, and he brought them to the football game as well. The recruits met Kutcher and Moore, and one of them tweeted a photo:

A bigger issue may be that the recruits also met former Hawkeyes Reggie Evans, Dean Oliver, and Jeff Horner. But do you think there has ever been a UNC recruit that didn't meet Michael Jordan?

All in all, the consensus seems to be that this issue will be considered inadvertent contact. And even if the NCAA wants to hand down a punishment, it won't be much more than a fine.

I think its punishment enough that the entire college basketball world now knows that Iowa's program is in a position that they think it will help to introduce recruits to Kelso.

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