Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bill Self comments on Josh Selby

Bill Self commented today on the eligibility status of freshman point guard Josh Selby. Here is what he said in full:

Josh's status for competition hasn't changed. While he has met NCAA academic requirements to be on aid, practice and compete this year, we continue to work with the NCAA as we review his amateur status. We will not play Josh in games until that process is complete and a decision is rendered.

We support and respect the process, and hope that it is over sooner rather than later. But we don't expect a decision on this before the regular season begins. We will not comment further until the process is complete.
He can't be much more straight forward than that.

This is the first time (well, first time I have seen, please correct me if I missed something along the way) that Self comments on the duration of this investigation. It has to be worrying to Kansas fans that the release said that Self doesn't expect a decision before the regular season starts. Kentucky fans can feel the pain. They went through this with John Wall last year, but Wall was eventually cleared and suspended for two games.

Renardo Sidney went through this process last season as well. The NCAA took until March to come to a decision, and eventually suspended Sidney for a year and a half.

Self also says Selby has been cleared academically, but the NCAA is still investigating his amateur status.

The issue stems from Selby's relationship with Robert "Bay" Frazier, who is Carmelo Anthony's business manager. Frazier admitted that he was an advisor to Selby during the recruiting process, which in and of itself would -- well, should -- not be a problem. The recruiting process is not an easy one to work your way through, and so long as no money or promises were exchanged, Selby getting advice from a Baltimore native is not a violation.

Complicating that issue, however, was a New York Times article where the reporter saw Selby driving a white Mercedes Benz.

Maybe he should have gotten a ride that day.

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