Monday, September 27, 2010

"Free Enes" gets a theme song

Two weeks ago, Pete Thamel published an article in the New York Times with quotes from the General Manager of Fenerbahce Ulker saying that he paid Enes Kanter six figures during the Kentucky freshman's time with the team.

Spawned by this tweet from DeMarcus Cousins, the Big Blue Nation turned Free Enes into their rallying cry. Whether its signs hanging on the highway or the t-shirts that are being sold, everyone is buying in.

Even Rich Breezy.

Who is Rich Breezy?

A rapper from Kentucky that has given the "Free Enes" its theme song. The wildest part? Its actually not terrible.

This isn't the first time a member of the Kentucky basketball program has had a rap written about them. First there was Scoupe, who was excited enough about the Calipari signing that he put together a remix to "Halle Berry". Then there was Cash, who told us to Bang on 'em, Flex on 'em, do the John Wall.

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