Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Morning Dump

- Great news coming out of Miami today. Da'Sean Butler, the former West Virginia small forward that shredded his knee in the Final Four, has signed an NBA contract. Not only is he going to get a chance to make a name for himself as a pro, he will be doing it on the Heat. I'm not a West Virginia fan by any stretch of the imagination, but Butler is certainly someone that I will always be rooting for. Just a terrific kid.

- Eamonn Brennan, talking about the Big East tournament's double bye, hits in on the head right here:

In any case, would it make more sense for the Big East to get rid of the double-bye? Yes. Would it make the tournament bracket less unwieldy? Absolutely. Should the Big East listen to its coaches and do so? By all means. But that doesn't mean top teams are going to be any better when the change is made. It's something to keep an eye on, at least.
- The player profiles are starting to roll in. Expect to see hundreds of these linked here over the next month of so. Mike DeCourcy writes on Missouri's Kim English and Louisville's Preston Knowles, while Gary Parrish puts together an excellent column on the underrated E'Twuan Moore.

- Fantastic news on Mikhail Torrance. The former Alabama guard nearly died of a heart attack last week, but has awoken from his coma and is now walking.

- Despite many, many rumors to the contrary, DeAndre Daniels will remain in the class of 2011 and spend one season at IMG Academy in Florida.

- Not a good sign for UConn fans. When Angelo Chol was asked why he was no longer interested in UConn, he said "they lost all there scholorships."

Michael Gbinje, a Duke commit, and James McAdoo, a UNC commit, had a little trash talk session. I'm going to have to give the W to McAdoo:

This is pretty damn funny.

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