Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Morning Dump

- Sad news coming out of Memphis, as the body of Lorenzen Wright, who has been missing for over a week, was found in a wooded area of Memphis yesterday, reportedly with a dozen bullet wounds. Wright played two seasons for his hometown Memphis Tigers before heading to the NBA, where he eventually played five seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies. Check out this great tribute from the Commercial Appeal.

- Huggy Bear is out of the hospital.

- Earlier this week, Seth Davis published an article where he caught up with 11 coaches out in Vegas. Yesterday, we got his article evaluating some college and high school kids he got a chance to watch. Definitely worth the read.

- This Rick Pitino trial keeps getting better/creepier. Kentucky Sports Radio has all the recapping you can handle. Our thoughts? Well, I think Quicky Ricky is really going to regret his "15 seconds" comment. I think this is one instance where no one would blame him for perjuring himself. Twitter has been fantastic as a result, and my bet is that Louisville is going to have some interesting road trips this year.

- I don't necessarily think that Rick Pitino needs to resign right now. If he can continue to recruit I see no reason for him to leave. That is a big "if", however, and if he can't recruit, he won't be able to win. If he can't win at Louisville, its time to move on.

- Here is Gary Parrish's take on the Kevin Coble situation. I agree with Parrish that this is the very problem with coaching at Northwestern -- your stars quit because they don't want to play basketball anymore -- but I have to disagree with him that Coble did anything wrong by quitting. He didn't want to play basketball anymore, is that really so terrible? If Parrish decided to stop writing for CBS, instead focusing on his radio show and spending time with his family, would we be allowed to be mad at him? Regardless, this talk about Northwestern not having a chance anymore is crazy. John Shurna is better than Coble, and they play the same position.

- Andy Katz on Tony Barbee and the uphill battle he faces at Auburn. He's already landed top 50 recruit Luke Cothron, a Huntsville native. That is a good start.

- Mike Rosario talks with Adam Zagoria about his future at Florida. Can you imagine a back court of Erving Walker, Kenny Boynton, Brad Beal, Mike Rosario, and potentially Austin Rivers? Yikes!

- Providence lands 7'3" center Blake Vedder, and also is reportedly close to landing former Tennessee signee Daniel West, who spent last season at a Juco.

- It seems as if Jimmer Fredette's return to Glen Falls, NY, to play Vermont is going to be a big deal, especially for those folks in upstate New York.

- Roy Williams thinks Harrison Barnes could be a harder worker than Tyler Hansbrough. That's actually kind of scary.

- Who knew Kyle Singler was artistic?

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