Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Morning Dump

- More on Rick Pitino from KSR -- part 1 and part 2. Warning: this is guaranteed to make you sick. Rick Pitino is actually kind of a dirtbag.

- RTC makes a very, very interesting point that no one is mentioning: the timeline here. Based on this post by KSR from the opening arguments, Pitino and Sypher had sex on July 31st, and by August 21st Sypher not only has determined that she is with child and that child is Pitino's, but she has already signed a document at a Women's Clinic saying she wants an abortion. That's rather quick, no?

- Knowing about this, this, and this, reading Tim Floyd say this kind of turns my stomach. I know there is no proof of anything, but I get the feeling this guy is about as clean as Rick Pitino's pants leg.

- How does the new Arizona sanctions effect Lute Olson's legacy? Personally, I say they don't. Moving on.

- Although it would create massive amounts of confusion, it only makes sense for the Big XII and the Big Ten swapping names because, well, one league has ten teams and the other has twelve. And not the right ones. Doesn't seem like it is going to happen, however.

- Gary Parrish on Ohio State for CBSSports' best football and basketball school series.

- The Kings have hired DeMarcus Cousins' high school coach Otis Hughley as an assistant. Now, this isn't totally out of the blue, as Hughley has coached at some high level camps as well as with USA Basketball, but still, this is a reach. The NBA package deal? Not so much. Hughley is going to be less of a coach and more of a babysitter for Cousins.

- Kodi Augustus, a forward on Mississippi State, made a quick appearance on the Real World. I haven't watched that garbage since Danny got his face smashed in on Austin -- to be fair, the Real World/Road Rules challenges were always awesome -- but The Dagger's Jeff Eisenberg took one for the team and gives us a thorough breakdown.

- Read this Zagoria article on Travon Woodall's fear of leprechauns, and tell me you don't immediately think of this.

- Scout's Evan Daniels was able to land an interview with Tony Wroten. I'm not sure how well Wroten comes off here. Confidence is a good thing. Cockiness ... thats a different story.

- Coach K went on PTI:

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