Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Morning Dump

- A thorough list of NBA summer team rosters, while Goodman hits us with the rosters for the upcoming Skills Academies.

- Andy Glockner, our favorite soccer fanatic/LOST enthusiast/bracketologist, makes his triumphant return to SI's college hoops page with not one, but two must read columns -- the first is on the success smaller schools are having by hiring coaches from within the program, and the second is on Dane Fife, who is coaching at one of those alphabet schools in Indiana. For our money, Glockner still has the best lede we've come across in quite some time.

- Adam Zagoria reports on two new east coast transfers, and also put together a nice read on rising junior Perry Ellis.

- Rick Bozich with a good read on what Louisville's hiring of Tim Fuller means for the program.

- Mike DeCourcy caught up with Sean Miller of Arizona.

- Here is Scout's roundup of the Nike Skill Academies.

- Iowa forward Brennan Cougill has been ruled academically-ineligible for next season; Expectations were clearly set too high.

- Alabama's Mikhail Torrence signs as free agent with El Heat

- The WAC will stay with eight teams until 2012

- A Sea of Blue is always a must-read for Kentucky fans, and should be in the cycle of CBB blogs that any fan reads. Here is their take on Coach Cal saying Kentucky is a "players-first program"

- This can't be a real interview, can it? I mean, this has to be a joke, right?

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