Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Morning Dump

Did you do anything productive with your Memorial Day weekend?

I certainly didn't. (Well, my farmer's tan did progress nicely, but unfortunately, I live nowhere near a farm.)

- Rick Bozich wins the award for best headline of the week (The article ain't bad either)

- UK spokesman says Bledsoe was cleared by NCAA

- DUI forces UK assistant out of "hands on" coaching role

- Of course new UTEP coach Tim Floyd isn't worried about USC violations (Afterall, none of them were his fault, right?)

- Alabama's Demetrius Jemison is transferring

- Duke makes offers to two members of the class of 2012

- Yeah, this seems like a bit of a stretch

- Which transfers could join the Spartan army?

- New Boise State coach is looking to build program like his previous employer had

- A bunch of good interviews from the draft

- Lottery team targets

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