Friday, May 28, 2010

Louisville lost Michael Chandler, but is he headed to Kentucky?

Washington isn't the only school that Kentucky is raiding recruits from.

All the talk recently has been about Terrence Jones and his decision to go to Kentucky over Washington, but don't forget about Marquis Teague. Teague is one of the top five recruits in the class of 2011, and after a long flirtation with Louisville, Teague also switched gears and committed to Kentucky.

Well, Teague may not be the only one.

Michael Chandler, a five-star center also in the class of 2011, committed to Louisville as a sophomore, but he reopened his recruitment back in mid-April. And now? According to Jerry Meyer, Kentucky is leading for Chandler's services. What's more is that it appears that he isn't even considering Louisville anymore. He told the Indy Star that his list is now Georgetown, UConn, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Purdue.

The question that must be asked is how long Rick Pitino will hang around Louisville. Kentucky is on the rise, he's getting killed on the recruiting trail (remember he also lost Fab Melo to Syracuse), his players can't keep out of trouble (Terrence Jennings and Jerry Smith were in that bar fight last summer, and Preston Knowles gave his girlfriend's father a couple of black eyes), and he is still dealing with the fallout form the Karen Sypher fiasco.

Things have definitely been better in Louisville.

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