Thursday, May 27, 2010

Duke visits the White House

The national champion Duke Blue Devils had their annual visit to the White House Rose Garden this afternoon, and Barack Obama got a couple of good jabs in there. Full video below:

There were a couple of things that cracked me up about this speech.

For starters, watch Nolan Smith. He looks absolutely miserable throughout the entire proceeding. To be fair, it was in the low 90's in DC today, and he was stuck outside in a full suit. I also found it quite humorous when Obama called Jon Scheyer his "homeboy". That word just doesn't sound right coming from the president.

The funniest part, however, was Obama's line about Reggie Love, where he essentially said that Love was a gunner when they play pick-up. The line alone is not all that funny, but there is a back story. You see, I play in a men's league down in DC, and the guy who ran our team worked in the White House. For one of our games, he brought Love in to play, and I kid you not, Reggie took upwards of 30 shots, with at least half of them coming from beyond the arc.

So take it from an eye witness, Obama wasn't kidding when he said Love has gone from a walking floor burn to a Kobe Bryant wannabe in his post-Duke days.

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