Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Morning Dump

- Dana O'Neil on the Land of Second Chances a.k.a Conference-USA

- None of these houses sound appealing, not even the safehouse

- Good read on Kansas City high schooler Daylen Robinson. Apparently, the kids been shot five different times.

- Your daily dose of bubble talk. Need more? Here you go

- Seth Davis covers just about every team on the east coast. Not enough Seth Davis for you? Here, he gets all ticket-punchy and mail-baggy.

- Marc Larson of Bowling Green is a true "student-athlete"

- The key to Purdue' future success: Robbie Hummels MRI.

- John Calipari making a run at Cory Joseph

- If you are a UNC fan, it's ok to cry

- How you know UNC has hit rock-bottom: new uniforms

- Ole Miss is looking for a new mascot, students want Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars. He would be a lock to win the CapitolOne Mascot Challenge

- Stony Brook won the America East last night, going from worst to first. Impressive turnaround to say the least.

- Golden Bears can try to finish season on a high-note

- Tom Crean wishes he could use his bench more often

- Is a 10-8 Big East record good enough? Andy Katz has your answer

- Joe Lunardi breaks down Wacky Wednesday

- Fran Fraschilla describes the final stretch of the season

- Christian Laettner finally gets Hall of Fame recognition he deserves, says Mike DeCourcy

- Doug Gottlieb praises Jim Calhoun, scolds Willie Warren

- Willie Warren, the Pac-10, and UNC top the list of most disappointing

- UCLA injury updates

- Northern Iowa/Evansville post-mortem

- Halftime score: Temple 19, Dayton 13, and no I am not talking women's basketball

- Tennessee's Renaldo Woolridge aka Swiperboy does more than just basketball and hip-hop. He's alo trying to start a new catch-phrase - "That's League". This might be the only thing he does that's not good or "League". That's definitely "Not League". See? Even that doesn't sound good.

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