Saturday, February 27, 2010

Monday Morning Dump

Holy smokes, did you all see what went down this weekend?

Every week I sit here and say "That might have been one of the craziest weekends of the year" and every week, it gets crazier and crazier. But I mean, this weekend was extra crazy, so I don't feel bad for repeating myself.

More than ten contests were settled in overtime, including a triple-overtime thriller that saw Marshall beat Central Florida, 121-115. Both Kansas and Kentucky lost. UNC finally won, Texas lost again, Greivis Vasquez dropped 41 on Va. Tech and the marquee match-up of the weekend was, what we in the biz like to call "A good ole-fashioned seal-clubbing".

But most importantly the weekend is over meaning we will never, ever, and I mean EVER, have to see these eyesores again. Thank the lord. Seriously, whoever was in charge of that project needs to be taken out into the streets and pelted with old vegetables (minimum).

- Watching this all unfold on twitter was actually kind of surreal. Great play, Nova fan, too bad your team didn't play that well.

- Are we overworking officials?

- Binghamton is still concerned that sports come first

- What I remember about this game is being constantly bombarded with my one friend that is a Kentucky fan. That's why you don't become friends with Kentucky fans...

- The worst seat in the house, the best fans in the building. Hoyasuxa's take on the weekend.

- Mike DeCourcy details the title chases in all the conferences

- Temple beats LaSalle, wins the Big 5

- DeCourcy also briefs us on the keys to success for a Hummel-less Purdue squad

- Eamonn Brennan explains why Arizona has a bright future

- Wrapping up the week with the Weekly Watch

- J'Covan Brown's status is still day-to-day

- A great-read on ways to properly prepare yourself for bracketology

- A great-read on Durrell Summer's inconsistent shooting

- A great read on the draft class of 2010

- The story on how Wes Johnson ended up at Syracuse

- Syracuse fans think two popular writers are predictable

- If I coached the Tar Heels I'd be having dizzy-spells too

- How to get out of an Olympic-funk and back into college hoops

- Gonzaga's Mark Few becomes most recent coach to speak out against tournament expansion

- Some final thoughts from Volunteers upset of Kentucky. My final thought: THE SCOTTY HOPSON DANCE! Take that John Wall and your silly dance. Scotty Hopson is my new favorite player.

- Fordham lands their third commitment from the class of 2010

- Did we really expect anything different from Pittsburgh?

- Ben Hansbrough is not his brother

- Finley Prep school to "shut down", but basketball team remains in-limbo

- Jayhawk fans are more classy than they ought to be after getting smacked around by OSU

- Providence's Sharaud Curry was not happy with his team's effort

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