Friday, February 26, 2010

In other news, Corey Stokes is no different than your typical college kid

Let's just cut to the chase.

From ZagsBlog:

Villanova junior guard Corey Stokes was issued a citation for public urination early Thursday morning. Stokes was urinating between two parked cars at about 3 a.m. while surrounded by several teammates when a police car pulled up. The incident occurred outside a bar down the street from the Villanova campus after the Wildcats beat South Florida, 74-49.
He wasn't arrested, and will not be missing any game time as a result.

"This was a simple mistake by a college student," Villanova coach Jay Wright said in a statement. "Corey regrets it and has apologized for it. We will now deal with it within our basketball family."

I think it is safe to say that we have all been there, and that this is, in no way, a big deal.

My only advice?

Corey, you're 6'4". You're teammates are much taller. You're a starter for a top 10 basketball team. People, and cops, tend to notice these things. Maybe next time you go around a corner when you need to take a leak.

If anything, all Stokes did was create some fodder for Syracuse fans leading up to Saturday night.

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