Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Morning Dump

- Gotta love Craigslist

- Jeff Goodman goes after the McDonald's A.A. commitee

- What's the possibillity that Jim Boeheim wins Coach of the Year? Let's see what Gary Parrish has to say about this

- I'd say Scottie Reynolds needs to be a factor on Saturday as well

- John Gasaway breaks down college basketball analysts

- Someone at RTC went to Med School

- Get to know a Mid-Major: The Ohio Bobcats

- It's never too early for draft predictions

- Well I'll be damned: A feature article of Brian Zoubek

- I think Kenneth Faried has a shot at the league.

- Arizona's Kevin Parrom out with sprained foot

- Missouri's Justin Safford out with torn ACL. But he's not out for the season. Wait...what?

- Purdue fans want Damian Johnson to shut his mouth

- Isiah Thomas was ejected last night

- Giant heads at the Carrier Dome have a name

- Ooooh look, printable brackets are ready. Only things missing are the teams

- I love shot-blockers, which is probably why I'm a big fan of Jarvis Varnado's work. He gave interview to CHJ yesterday

- You know what? you are absolutely right: Mike Brey is a good guy, but he's easy to hate, if you are a Hoya fan

- The injuries that have changed seasons

John Calipari interviews Jeannine Edwards, and throws in a couple shots a Billy Gillispie

Magic Johnson did the John Wall dance

Varnado setting the blocks record

Hassan Whiteside mixtape

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