Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Morning Dump

- Gary Parrish tries to determine who will be #1 next

- Jeff Goodman on the biggest surprise team of the year, and it's not Syracuse or Pittsburgh

- Game of the year comes from the Ivy League?

- Seth Davis tells us who the best non-BCS conference players are

- Kalin Lucas vs. Mateen Cleaves

- Oklahoma State will honor plane crash victems

- Mike DeCourcy answers five tough questions

- John Calipari chatted with Rick Barnes about being No. 1, and probably, not being No. 1 as well

- Mike Davis is doing a heck of a job in Birmingham

- With the loss to lowly Providence, UConn returns to mediocrity

- Does the Kentucky loss change that much in the rankings?

- Well will you look at that: a Memphis vs. the NCAA update

- Evan "The Villian" Turner's quick recovery saved the Buckeyes from falling apart

- So the guy that hit the blindfolded halfcourt shot ended up getting Final Four tickets

- Is the UConn/'Cuse rivalry bigger than G'Town/'Cuse rivalry? I don't think so

- Syracuse fans have made their way to Idaho. We're doomed.

- Should Eric Bledsoe go pro?

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