Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Morning Dump

- Mike DeCourcy is confused with the bi-polar play of the Yellow Jackets

- An entertaining review of Saturday's games. I'm always willing to give love to a fellow Hoya fan.

- What's going on with the Heels? They got romped by Virginia at home last night

- Sherron Collins : College Basketball :: Mariano Rivera : Yankees

- Remembering Hank Gathers

- Reactions from Spokane on the San Fran shocker

- Some very interesting Rutgers coaching rumors

- Now that "The Villian" is back, Ohio State is eyeing March sucess

- A USC student manager got assessed a technical foul against Oregon. He then got fired and re-hired; No wait, he's now re-fired

- Gavin Edwards may have played his way into the NBA

- If he does end up playing, he's an impact player on the all-Name Team.

- Ohio State honored their 1960 National Championship team

- Colorado could get freshman pg Alex Burks back this week

- Cornell senior Jon Jacques explains what the Big Red do off the court

- The Post-Standard did their own quotables column for the Syracuse/DePaul recap

- In case anybody actually cares, Alcorn State is now 0-22. They are now only four games back of the New Jersey Nets

- Because of technology, we now know what Gheorghe Muresan's son is up to

- A look inside the Gamecock's new coop - Gamecocks live in coops, right?

- A must-read on the status of the Mid-Majority

- The lights go out on Sportscenter

Utah freshman Marhsall Henderson threw a spinning-back-fist to a BYU player during Saturday's game (at the 1:10 mark)

Michigan State's Chris Allen throws it down on Northwestern

Old, but came across it looking for a dunk last night. That's a pretty serious dunk.

LeBron at Kentucky-Vanderbilt

Dude, you just won on a buzzer beater. Celebrate or something.

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