Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The BIAH Quotables

This a new feature we are trying out here at BIAH this season. Throughout the week, we are going to post some notable quotes or excerpts that show up in our google reader. Stupid people say stupid things 24 hours a day, and being somehow associated with the college hoops landscape does not preclude that fact. That said, we will not limit our quotables to the simple and idiotic, as the insightful and intelligent will also be highlighted. Feel free to pass along any quotables you stumble across to contactbiah@gmail.com or @ballinisahabit.
Hope everybody had a good holiday weekend. The hoops world doesn't take a vacation, so we are here to get you caught up on the best quotables of the past weekend.

Former Temple head coach Jon Cheney was recently on Comcast SportsNet in the Philadelphia market. That man still knows how to start a riot. Here he is dicussing the nature of current Owls coach Fran Dunphy:

He is too nice off the court. He needs to go beat up a Republican or something. When a kid makes a bad turnover, he needs to grab him and choke him.
Wow. It's probably a good idea that he's not coaching any more.

Mark Titus, the Ohio State benchwarmer who also is a blogger, had a great line about his team's game against Deleware State:
Delaware State had no white guys on their team, but they decided to play at an incredibly slow pace which seems pretty counterintuitive to me. The game turned out to be rather boring because of this slow-paced brand of basketball. In fact, most of the people I talked to said they changed the channel to PBS to watch Antiques Roadshow because they were so bored.
Final exams finished last week and student-athletes resting for the holidays. St. Joe's assistant coach Dave Duda explains why finals week is so tough:
Final exam week is the week that is the most difficult on a student athlete playing basketball at the Division I level. Most teams have played a number of road games in the first semester, and some class time has been missed. The result of the rigors of going to class, practicing, weight training, and playing games meets in the perfect storm at this time each season.
Gary Parrish makes the BIAH Quotables again, this time for a response he gave to a reader who asked why Gary was so harsh on a particular player:
But what I realized during this exchange is that not every reader is a regular reader, and if you happened to read a column on a random Monday with me suggesting your grandson should have his scholarship taken because he committed 11 turnovers, well, I can see how that might come off as an a-hole move if you weren't familiar with me or what I do.
North Carolina got a much-needed win over scrappy Rutgers, 81-67. Yes the Tar Heels won by 14, but don't think that Roy Williams was pleased with his team's perormance at all:
I'm really not in a good mood about any dumb things that they did right now.
UNC switched to a zone defense for only the second time this season. Apparently, they won't be doing that again:
Well we played zone one possession. We've played zone two possessions all year. One John Wall made a three at Kentucky and this one, I think it was Jonathan Mitchell who made it at the corner. I couldn't tell if it was a two or a three, but if you're going to play zone, if the guy's in your zone, you have to play him man to man. But we just let those guys drive in there. So we've played zone two possessions this year and we've given up six points in two possessions.
Coach Williams thought Will Graves played well in he first half, but in the second, that was entirely different:
The first half I thought he was effective, but the second half...As you guys can tell, my gosh, how can you expect me to be pleased? I've said a million times, 'when you're chasing a ball out of bounds do not throw it back in under your basket.' So, the first half, we threw it back in under their basket, twice. One time in the second half, it was out under our basket so we throw it to the other end, and they make a layup. Will Graves is someone who's been here four years, and I've always said don't shoot it as soon as you get in the game. The first time he went in after a timeout in the second half, he shot from the corner and he missed it.
Sean Miller's Arizona team got pummeled by BYU and Jimmer Fredette. The Cougars won 99-69, and Ferdette had a career-high 49 points. Miller had a lot of praise for Fredette:
Jimmer Fredette played a great game. Did we have something to do with that? Yes. We struggled to defend the other team's best perimeter player. Their victory tonight was largely thanks to his play. He reminds me a lot of Mark Price, who played at Georgia Tech and had a long career in the NBA. I'm not an NBA general manager, but I would put Fredette against a lot of guards in the country. When he does miss a shot, he goes and gets it, and we made that very easy for him tonight.

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