Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Morning Dump

The clipper's curse continues; how did this person ever get their license?; This past Sunday wasn't a good day for bookies; Two-face; Imagine how big the other shark must have been; The six coolest homes on television; She'd have to be hotter than this for me to give up World Series tickets; Old man beats up robber with a big gulp; I hate sitting next to these people on flights; The 25 hottest celebrity Halloween costumes; I've never understood animal smuggling; Vigilante book censoring; Technically, this isn't a hit-and-run; the worst thing you will read all day.

- Daniel Snyder doesn't like homemade signs. He also wont allow you to insult him.

- Andre Agassi used crystal meth AND played tennis

- UFC Heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar has H1N1 virus.

- High school cross country team gets disqualified for "wardrobe malfunction".

- Dallas's DeMarcus Ware wanted one more dollar.

- Man faces murder charges in UConn stabbing case.

- Duke and UCLA have the most NBA players on current rosters.

- J.J. Reddick is going to release a hip-hop album.

- Coach Cal's speech from big blue madness is getting translated.

- Mike DeCourcy on Syracuse's options at point guard.

- Adam Zagoria chats with Villanova coach Jay Wright.

- Bobby Knight doesn't want your money.

- Rod Odom decommits from Arizona, chooses Vandy.

- Austin Carroll verbally commits to Rutgers.

- Hampton player is killed in accidental shooting.

- Florida's Nimrod Tishman is cleared to play.

- Great read on Seton Hall's Jordan Theodore.

After the jump, another defensive back who doesnt know how to tackle.

Georgia Tech's Jonathen Dwyer blows up a Virginia defensive back

The best sports commercial ever, side-by-side

This might be the greatest golf shot ever

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