Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Morning Dump

If state flags were honest (somewhat NSFW); Who cheats at sudoku?; A map of douchebags; Halloween candy nobody wants; Awesome tombstones; Another mother of the year candidate; I thought people wanted to get OUT of North Korea?; Robbers have to pay bills too; A first-class garage; Florida man claims he was too fat to commit murder; If the Batmobile were real, this would be it; Marching band plays "numa numa" song; Freakishly-strong child.

- John Wall played great at the Blue and White scrimmage, but he is still not cleared by the NCAA.

- Yesterday we reported that UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar has H1N1. Now his opponent at UFC 106 also has the flu.

- Football player bashes referee's face with helmet.

- Not Mercury Morris again....

- The ESPN brass continues its power trip, fires ex-QB Shaun King

- The Wizard's Caron Butler uses the LenDale White diet plan, kinda.

- Gary Parrish ranks the best Non-BCS teams.

- Jay Bilas gives us his top ten players most under the radar.

- Jeff Goodman writes about Michigan's love for John Beilein.

- Luke Winn on Kansas raising another championship banner.

- Josh Tabb withdraws from Tennessee

- Steph Curry sent out 2,000 thank you cards to Davidson fans.

- Good article about Johnny Dawkins' rebuilding process at Stanford.

- Rutgers lands their second recruit in as many days.

- South Carolina's Devan Downey out with the flu.

After the jump, a whole new take on The Big Lebowski.

Girls in bikinis do their best "Big Lebowski" impressions

Behind the back pass for two in high school football. Woulda been awesome if they weren't up 56-0 at the time...

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