Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Dump

I would never take a play off for this guy; David Cross is one ballsy dude; Hilarious? Yes. Necessary? Debatable; Squirrel Fight; I always thought bears liked ice?; Why are these people famous again?; bears target minivans.

- Steve Phillips fired from ESPN. Sean Salisbury has sued Deadspin, and one of the people Deadspin outed from ESPN admitted to what she was accused of.

- Marcus Ginyard, Bobby Frasor, and Erin Andrews?

- Big East media day player interviews.

- The ACC Tournament is going to shift venues....again.

- Tar Heels and Blue Devils share Co-Preseason Favorite Honors.

- The Best Matchups of Jan/Feb 2010.

- Missouri Valley Conference Preview

- Baseball's postseason scheduling sucks.

- NBA's most depressing players.

After the jump, anvil launching. Wyle E. Coyote must be so jealous.

Adrian Peterson uses the hit stick on Pittsburgh's William Gay

The NFL refs are having a rough season

The most badass knockout ever

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