Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Morning Dump

Naked yardwork; never was a fan of the Wii; another case of a teacher getting it on with a student; Darwin award nominee; that's pretty disturbing; the end of "no homo"; how do you have a sexual encounter with a woman whose husband is in the front seat?; 33 best beer pong tables.

- Lance Stephenson is not getting noticed in Cincinnati.

- New interim president for the NCAA.

- Nolan Dennis of Baylor - out to prove his doubters wrong.

- Top 10 shooting guards.

- Top transfers this year.

- ASU lands a 7'2" center.

- SIU guard suspended after arrest.

- Army coach Jim Crews is out.

- Coaches pushing for health care reform.

- Davidson getting used to life without Steph Curry.

- J'Covan Brown may start at the point for Texas.

- CCSU track star suing over being forced to drink blood.

- How much trouble is Delonte West in?

- When you know you have a problem - you call a casino, get yourself banned, then go back and continue to gamble.

- Man gets money back for Oregon tickets.

- This guy is nuts: he climbs to the top of the uprights.

- Dude, perfect.

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