Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Morning Dump

That's pretty embarrassing; project gaydar; I'd kill to get a video of this; cougar cruise; Spiderman lizard; I'd be scarred for life; man proposes, then gets in head-on accident; I can't decide if this guy is an idiot or the most awesome person ever.

- Andy Katz catches up with Dave Rose, the BYU coach that beat cancer.

- Gary Parrish tells the story of how Avery Bradley ended up at Texas.

- Gary Williams got a one year extension.

- Matt Bouldin and Taylor Swift? Impressive for a kid from a "no-name" team.

- NCAA Tourney locations through 2013.

- Harvey Grant's kid, Jerian, is going to Notre Dame.

- Yes, Luke, Memphis is rebuilding.

- Andre Iguodala didn't pay his cable bill.

- San Francisco Giants prospect wanted for murder?

- Movie stars on the gridiron.

- The making of the Blueprint 3 cover.

- Big hit, backyard style

- Obama on Letterman

1 comment:

Tmachir said...

- That girl should be embarassed. She should invest in a better sign. And probably a better boyfriend. Maybe marraige at 19 isnt such a good idea.

- Why wouldnt the police just use a net gun on the wild Emus instead of using a taser? That seems like overkill to me. But I too would love to see the video.

- I want me one of those lizards.

- Its a shame to hear about the guy in the head-on collision. Though it did remind me of that Fresh Prince episode when Hillary's boyfriend proposes to her while hes bungee jumping.

- Totally stoked for the NCAA Tournament to comeback to the Big Tollbooth in DC. The last two times it was here there have been some memorable moments. (#12 George Mason upsetting UConn comes to mind instantly)

- I have been late on my cable bill, but I've never gotten it shut off. How long has Igudloa not paying his bill for?