Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Morning Dump

Slow day today as I'll be traveling for most of it.

This lady is a nutbag; I think this is video of a forest fire out in LA; jagermeister cooler = win; the fitted industry is in trouble; I don't think I would want to mess with this guy.

- Jarvis Varnado was hospitalized after falling ill during a workout.

- Maurice Creek cleared at Indiana.

- The Pac-10 is trying to do away with summer trips abroad.

- Fordham's Chris Gaston has qualified academically.

- Roscoe Smith to visit Duke.

- Gary Parrish on coaching in the A-10.

- TrueHoop spoke with Sonny Vaccaro.

- Mike DeCourcy chats with Kentucky's Darius Miller.

- Toughest test yet for Arizona's 25 year tourney streak.

- Pitt to play Duquense in final game at Mellon Arena.

- Those jersey do suck.

- FIU's Freddy Asprilla to Miami?

- Nice t-shirt's Memphis.

- Reason #123459384738 why rugby players are awesome: they try to run sleeping people over with lawnmowers.

- Seriously, do not watch this next video if you are at all squeamish.

- Brett Farve throws an illegal block. Can he do anything right?

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