Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Morning Dump

This story is pretty gruesome; anyone know what "wolf-whistling" is; imagine being the cop in this situation; that's a lot of porn; Steven Tyler looks like an old woman.

- Gary Parrish column on Enes Kanter.

- Great story about street ball.

- Ohio State might move Evan Turner to the point.

- Kim English in confident in Mizzou's chances this season. Sidenote: he seems like a fantastic interview.

- Lapchick award winners.

- Paulus isn't the only former basketball player heading to the gridiron.

- Jeff Goodman's preseason Wooden Award favorites.

- Pitino has ruined his "brand".

- If this happened more, maybe college sports wouldn't be so corrupt.

- I wonder if this is illegal?

- Things like this make me realize that European soccer is a whole different level of fandom than anything we have in the States.

- Those aren't the words to God Bless America:

- Basebrawl!!!

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