Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rick Pitino tapes leak, call press conference

*UPDATE (moving this to the top of the page): So I had a chance to listen to the tapes, and there isn't anything new on them. If I had to guess, the reason that Pitino called this press conference and blew his lid is because everything in the tapes comes off as fact. Most news reports on this issue have written off Karen Sypher's rape claims, discrediting the majority of her accusations. But if you haven't been following the story closely, listening to these tapes will lead you to believe that what Sypher is truth.

In all honesty, I side with Jeff Goodman here: Pitino needs to just keep his mouth shut, and let things play out in court.

Here is the video of his press conference:

Earlier today, WLKY-TV in Louisville received tapes of the recorded interviews between police an Karen Sypher (you can listen to them at The Sporting Blog).

Just hours after the tapes were released, Pitino held a press conference where he bashed the media for their coverage of the scandal. He said that his family has been through "pure hell" during this process and urged true Louisville fans to avoid watching and reading any new stories about him or Sypher.

I'm not by a computer right now, but when I get a chance to listen to the tapes tonight I will update this post with anything interesting to come out of it.

Initial thoughts: why did Pitino feel the need to call a press conference upon the release of these tapes? I wonder if there is something on them that we haven't heard about yet.

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