Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Morning Dump

10 worst women parking jobs; Cheddar Plax?; tasered to death; imagine finding your stolen car with a body inside; I used to work a block away from here; two Va Tech students murdered.

- Transcript of an interview with Pitino.

- Another gem of a column from Whitlock.

- Buzz Peterson back at Appalachian State.

- Now's not the time for Pitino's moral high ground.

- Katz reiterates our point - Gillispie probably won't get another head coaching gig for awhile.

- Plax should be pardoned?

- I wonder how PETA feels about this?

- Sports columns: a thing of the past.

- Caster Semenya may be fighting an uphill battle.

- How dumb is this chick?

- More awesome knockout videos.

- Karaoke for the deaf. Sounds dumb, but it is quite hilarious.


Tmachir said...

People, listen up.

If any of you happen to stumble across this comment, please do the following: WATCH THIS VIDEO.

This is not a scam, this is not a virus. it is simply the most hilarious collection of emails put together in a slideshow I have ever seen.

This is posted on todays dump. And this video tells the story of the dumbest girlfriend who ever existed, and like Aesop's fables, tells the story of why you should never ever have a girlfriend until you are 100% absolutely positivly positive you have found the right one.

please, I urge you to watch this. It is gold, pure 34k gold.

Anonymous said...

1) you're welcome for pointing out how crazy a lot of women find themselves at least once in their lives (I'm a woman and I admit it's 100% true, whether mildly or to the extreme)
2) Karaoke for the deaf, to the contrary, sounds rather intelligent at first and third glance. And, indeed, it is hilarious