Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Morning Dump

- According to an adviser, money was a major factor in the decision of Latavious Williams to go abroad.

- - coming soon.

- Randy Hill with a surprisingly good take on the one-and-done rule. the best part:

Well, based on NCAA workout restrictions and most coaches game-planning themselves to death during the season to survive in a brutally fluid job market, players have less school-year time than you could imagine to eliminate individual weaknesses. In college, you're an investment in a coach's ability to win games. That's just fine; it shouldn't be his job to prepare you for an NBA career. Doing so within the context of winning games can make recruiting a lot easier for the college coach, but he has more than your bank account to worry about. Yeah, with an 82-game schedule, NBA coaches have very little time to teach and refine team concepts, but actual time spent on improving skill work — especially for young players — can be relatively enormous. You are an investment for the pro team; it's their business to make sure you can make plays.
- Good read on Lance Stephenson from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

- The CBS College Sports channel is re-airing the 2009 NCAA Tournament.

- Coach K to lead Team USA again in 2012. Is his commitment hurting Duke? They are just 5-4 in the tournament since he took that job.

- MWC commissioner gets his contract extended through 2012.

- The SEC to launch a syndicated network with ESPN.

- Seth Davis takes a look at Hoop Dreams, 15 years later.

- Centenary to move from DI to DIII.

- Effing hilarious.

- What your favorite athlete's twittering says about their sexuality.

- Boy drinks gasoline to become a Transformer.

- Formula One driver killed by a loose tire:

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