Friday, July 24, 2009

SI ARTICLE ON DUNK VIDEOS: First of all, did you ever think you would see a page full of youtube videos on I didn't.

Second of all, if you are going to post (and I'm quoting here) "some of the top dunks in college hoops history", you should at least make sure that you actually put up "some of the top dunks in college hoops history."

Seriously, they should have consulted me before posting this nonsense. I think I've established myself unequivocally as the intraweb's leader in dunk vids.

I have all sorts of issues with this list, and it is more than just the fact that they called Bambale Osby "Barnable". My biggest problem is the Russell Westbrook dunk they chose to use. They didn't choose this one or this one, they chose this?

Really? One of the best of all time?

The same could be said for this Dwayne Collins dunk on Greg Paulus. Paulus getting dunked on does not an"all-time great" make.

Looking at that list, I think that whoever made it simply typed "NCAA basketball dunk" into youtube and chose all the videos that showed up on the first page of results.

You really want to see the best dunks of all-time? Go here. Its our list (albeit a year old).


Seth Davis said...

hey, great site. I wasn't consulted for our list of top dunks, but if you're going into the Duke archives, you've got to give props to Phil Henderson's dunk over Alonzo Mourning in the 1989 East regional:

Tmachir said...

Not only did they mispell Bambale Osby (one of the best hairdos in college Bball history) but they also noted that after Russell Westbrook had a viscious dunk, the Washington State "Huskies" called a timeout. WRONG. Wash. State are the Cougars. Washington is the Huskies. Thats an amateur mistake.

Also, it amazes me how I never see this amazing Grant Hill alley-oop in college bball dunk highlight reels: