Thursday, July 23, 2009

Randy Culpepper can fly

For the casual college hoops fan, the name Randy Culpepper is probably an unfamiliar one. Culpepper is a 6'0" PG for UTEP that averaged 17.5 ppg as a junior. For the avid Sportscenter watchers, you may actually recognize him for this piece of aerial artistry that reached #1 on SC's top 10.

This will probably not be the last time you see Culpepper on Sportscenter. Not when he can do things like this:

Look at where he takes off from. That is absurd. He actually looks like he is flying.

Assuming Derrick Caracter can get into shape, UTEP will have themselves a nice little inside-outside combo. With all that has happened at Memphis, including losing their top recruit to pro ball overseas, could UTEP be the team that unseats the Tigers atop Conference USA?

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