Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DERRICK CARACTER INTERVIEW: Everybody remembers Caracter.

He was the first 14 year old ever invited to the Nike Camp back in 2002. He was supposed to be the next great big man.

The problem is he stopped growing in 8th grade, and eventually everyone caught up to his size and athleticism. Caracter never learned how to work hard (because he never needed to, he was always just bigger and better growing up). He went to Louisville, but ended up getting run out of town by Rick Pitino for a myriad of reasons - from his behavior to being out of shape.

Well, Caracter is back on the map again. He will be suiting up for UTEP this season. The blog for IMG Academies, where Caracter has been working out, posted an interview with him last week. Based on the pictures (see below) and some of Caracter's quotes, it seems like he has turned himself around.

Caracter is a talented player. We wish him the best as a Miner.

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