Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wednesday Morning Dump

- Blake Griffin will be the face of NCAA Basketball '10.

- TrueHoop breaks down the numbers of Hasheem Thabeet, Steph Curry, and Blake Griffin. Interesting stuff.

- Andy Katz talks to Doug Gottlieb about the draft.

- Rivals takes a look at the new charge rule.

- Charges were dropped against former USC guard Stais Boseman.

- A fake John Calipari is running roughshod over Facebook.

- Jonny Flynn's third draft diary.

- Ricky Rubio finally works out for the Kings, but it might not have gone as well as people hoped.

- Wizards trade the 5th pick to the Wolves for Randy Foye and Mike Miller.

- Good read on Ndongo Ndiaye, and how basketball molded his life.

- Awesome video. Someone put some of sports most famous interviews into a song.

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