Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Morning Dump

- A phenomenal read from TrueHoop about a basketball camp in Switzerland. Seriously, read it.

- Scottie Reynolds is "leaning towards" coming back to Villanova. Would be a good decision. Taj Gibson is still undecided on whether or not he will head back to USC. With everything going on around that program (defections to the NBA, the possible NCAA infractions involving OJ Mayo), I really don't see Gibson going back.

- Jack McClinton: "I can do so much more than shoot the basketball."

- Gary Parrish takes a look at the pressure on new coaches.

- The SEC is getting a lot of their best players to withdraw from the draft.

- Great reaction piece by Kentucky Sports Radio to the article we linked yesterday about Lance Stephenson.

- Stan Heath talks to Adam Zagoria.

- Ever wonder which agent these NBA Draft prospects have signed with?

- The comments in this article are pretty insane. Long story short, a writer for the Star-Ledger calls out the anonymous posters on a column he wrote.

- Defending Scott Boras.

- Ugh. Britney Spears, what are you doing? (NSFW!!!)

- #3 on this list had me dying.

- There is all sorts of wrong with this video, so does it make me a bad person that I laughed?

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