Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thursday Morning Dump

- Draft day - the latest rumors from Andy Katz and Draft Express.

- Seth Davis wrote a great article on how college kids get screwed with the current scholarship system.

- Brandon Jennings talks about blazing a trail to Europe.

- Luke Winn dives into the numbers to quell four NBA draft myths.

- Jordan's son quits basketball.

- Ricky Rubio would play for free.

- Top ten T-Will quotes.

- The best player you haven't seen play will be on national television this year.

- More Elliot-Williams-to-Memphis speculation.

- BYU coach cancer free.

- WAC tourney to Vegas.

- Pretty funny post from TrueHoop.

- Tyreke Evans cousin gets time for killing someone in a drive-by.

- Nike is being sued.

- Crazy story about a shooting outside a softball game in Boston.

- Youtube classic: Soulja Girl

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