Friday, June 26, 2009

Sherron Collins is out of shape ... again

Last season, Collins came to campus in August checking in at 220 lb and was publicly criticized by Bill Self for being out of shape.

According to the KC Star, Collins is now up to 229 lb:

This summer, Collins is putting on weight at a more alarming pace — Self said he is around 229 now — but Self is reserving judgment with months to go before KU’s annual boot camp workouts.

“He’s heavy right now, 20, 30 pounds overweight,” Self said. “He’s got some time to get some of it down. It’s going to be a very tough patch for him to get where he needs to be.”
Collins was able to get down to 205 by the time the season rolled around, but his weight fluctuation is a bit worrisome.

And not just for Bill Self.

Do you think an NBA team is going to want a guy that battles weight problems every off-season? Eventually, it is going to catch up with him.

Kansas has a chance to be very, very good next year. But a lot of that revolves around the leadership of Collins. If he is not in shape, will he be able to take this team to where they expect to go (i.e. another national title)?

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Kyle said...

johnny wall is gonna dog him no matter what collins weighs on april 5th