Friday, June 5, 2009

Robert Dozier SAT rumors

Rumors about improprieties involving the Memphis basketball team and SAT scores have been flying for what seems like weeks. On Tuesday, Memphis released a statement claiming their innocence in the Derrick Rose scandal.

As we mentioned before, Georgia faced a similar issue in 2004 during their recruitment of Robert Dozier. Dozier submitted an SAT score to the school which was flagged, and eventually discounted by the ETS. Dozier subsequently was forced to take another SAT, and based on the scores Georgia determined that the two tests were not taken by the same person.

Long story short, Dozier ended up at Memphis.

Well, a source at Georgia has leaked Dozier's two test scores

His first score was a 1280.

The second?


That's a difference of 540 POINTS!!! I'm pretty sure those tests were taken by different people.

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