Friday, June 12, 2009

REPORT: Austin Daye staying in the draft

One of the stories making its rounds on the blogosphere this morning is that Gonzaga forward Austin Daye will be keeping his name in the NBA Draft.

There have been rumors floating for a while that Daye had a guarantee in the top 20, and if so, you can't really fault him for leaving. But that doesn't change the fact that Daye needs to mature a great deal, both physically (seeing him stand next to Dwight Howard would be comical) and emotionally (he had a bad habit of allowing the flow of the game to affect how he played this past season).


Anonymous said...

Consensus from NBA scouts is that Daye won't be drafted in the first round. Terrible decision for this kid not to go back to school. Larry Brown told him that two days ago.

p6000 said...

bad decision. Tayshaun Prince gets pushed around by SF's to the point that he is 100% ineffective when it matters most. Daye would do even worse.

(great blog btw)

Rob Dauster said...

Agree completely with both of you. While the kid clearly has a great deal of potential on the offensive end, you are not going to be a successful NBA front court player when you look like you've been sharing meals with the Olsen twins.