Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Outside the Lines looks at one-and-done's

For those that missed it, Outside the Lines had a report that aired Sunday on the one-and-done rule. While the debate between Jay Bilas, Phil Martelli, and John Brady was definitely the more interesting video (the second one after the jump), it was intriguing to me that both Thad Matta and Ben Howland, who both have had their rosters devastated by one-and-done players, are willing to keep taking on these guys.

The most interesting point made in this discussion comes at the end of the second video. Bilas says that one of the biggest problems is that coaches, who are generall good influences on the athletes they are recruiting, have very limited access to these kids. But the runners and the agents have unlimited access and start when the plaeyrs are 13 an 14 years old. While it is a bit naive to say that all college coaches are going to act on the straight and narrow if they are given greater access to these kids, it is an interesting point and one worthy of consideration.

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